Cotton woolen fabric - Filament 240 g Width 210 cm

Cotton flannel cloth 240 gr. Raw material of excellent quality in 210 centimeters Copper cloth of 240 grams of polyester flamant, with excellent quality at 2 meters wide, is used to produce all kinds of linen fabrics. Flannel polyester linen fabrics are mostly used for the use of varnished cloths and as curtains for the room,

Brand Name :
Savalan Textile Industries
Model :
240 g curbs
Place of Origin :
240 g curbs :

Product description

Manufacturers generally distribute and distribute various kinds of coarse textiles in various applications. Do you know how much of this cloth is used for many uses? Traditional types have different uses, which are usually distributed in every city and used in embroidery quilts.

Savalan Textile Industries
[Iran (Islamic Republic of), Isfahan, Khomeyni Shahr ]
  • Business type: Manufacturer, Importer, Wholesaler, Retailer, Exporter, Service provider
  • Services/Products : Cleaning tissue textile, Quilted fabric, Hospital fabrics, Tetron, tergal, flamant, polyester, cotton
  • Business entity: Joint stock company
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