Teflon teflon strip (autumn) blue and pink

Pentagon Tetron Make 160 grams of blue and pink with a priced and non-intermediate product from the manufacturer.

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Savalan Textile Industries
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Tetron :
Blue and pink

Product description

Tetron is perhaps the most consumable fabric in these centers, each year with a high production area, produced by textile factories. Apparel manufacturing is well able to detect high-quality tetron from non-quality, but it is also emphasized that, as stated above, it is important to be sure that you have a great deal of waterproofing that is related to the same color-stability of the fabric as well as the body shape. . Under the good hands of the Hospital tetron fabric and its subtlety is one of the most important quality standards.

The tetron is usually at a height of one meter and a half in weight between 150 and 190 grams, which is recommended for hospitals to use a warm-up of between 150 and 175 grams to make the style of the dress more comfortable for patients. Hospital tetron fabric is usually very popular in pink and blue. Each piece of cloth, if it is a book, is 40 or 50 meters, and if it is a roll, 100 meters.

Savalan Textile Industries
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